The roman edition of Maker Faire was held this year at Sapienza University, october 16 to 18. It was a great opportunity for our team to present the Kreyon projects and XTribe games "at home". Ground Floor of Marconi Building (Physics Department) was packed with people of any age, eager to play our games and challenge their creativity in order to contribute to the scientific purpose of the project. We basically proposed three games:

Latest experiments

Lego bricks have been used to represent anything, from films to monuments to historical people. But what happens if available pieces are limited to a minimum number, e.g. 5 or 6? Now it becomes quite difficult to represent a chair, a duck or a child, although very funny.
CreaStoria is a game where players become authors, creating growing trees of collaborative flash-fiction.
You lost your friend in town. Where would you go to meet him/her again?
City Race with two players.
Exploit additional traffic information to defeat Joe in finding a route between two points in your city.
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This is just a sample game.
Can you guess which word a possibly unknown person will associate to a given word?
Free word association game. The purpose of the game is associate words to suggested terms.
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How fast are you in recognizing a place from a satellite picture? Test your cultural and orientational skills with GuessWhere.